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Providing respectful care to families as they welcome babies into their lives and homes is a privilege.

Welcome to Lullabies and Goodnights Newborn Care. Congratulations on your new addition to your family. A new baby is such a joy but also a huge change in your life.  So much will change and it is going to be amazing and exhausting.  Every family should have the best help as they adjust to having a new baby or babies in the house. There is so much to learn and discover about life with newborns. Here at Lullabies and Goodnights, we love assisting new families settle into their new normal

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As a CACHE certified Newborn Care Specialist and a New Parent Educator, I assist new parents in every aspect of new baby care as well as giving parents the chance for a better night’s sleep. Bringing home your new baby is a life affirming moment. Then the realization hits that you are now totally responsible for this new life and wonder how you are going to do this.  No worries with this when you have expert help to guide you through swaddling, bathing, breastfeeding/chest feeding, formula preparation and feeding, diapering, baby wearing, daily routines and sleep routines. 

Care can be 24 hours, 10 -12 hour days or 10-12 hours overnight, whichever fits your family’s needs


As a Newborn Care Specialist, I will give guidance on caring for your baby.  My goal is to teach you everything you need to know to confidently care for your little one. I will show you how to bathe your baby prior to the cord falling off and how to properly bathe your newborn in the tub. I can assist with lactation as you and baby settle into feeding. I will teach proper formula preparation. I will set healthy sleep patterns so the baby will be setup for successfully sleeping through the night when age appropriate. I will teach you all the ways needed to soothe your baby and give you the opportunity to get as much rest as possible so you will be at your best and able to give your baby quality care.

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Lullabies & Goodnight 
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Lullabies & Goodnight Services
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Newborn Care

Newborn care specialists (or NCS) come into a home when a newborn or multiple babies are welcomed into a home. They can provide overnight or  care during the day for 10-12 hour shifts or 24 hour care.

Lactation Consultant Counseling

A lactation consultant is a health professional that specializes in breastfeeding  (chest feeding).

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New Parent Educator

As a New Parent Educators we work with families before and after birth offering support, encouragement and information to navigate through the changes bringing home a new baby presents.

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Servicing Families in New Jersey, New York and throughout the United States

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